Get What You Get FAQs

How do you pick the machines for each customer?

We will assign numbers to the machines and let fate (fancy random number generator) be the decider to keep it fair for everyone. Each customer will be assigned a number by when they place their order and I will match the numbers up and send out the surprises. Remember, this means you might get a pink machine, if you hate pink, and don't want to chance it, you can always order a normal custom machine and get what you want.

How long do I have to wait for my machine to ship out?

While we do have these machine already made up, we will be shipping them out in batches to help keep the chaos down to a minimum. That being said, last year we typically shipped within 3-4 days from order time.

What’s this I saw about a giveaway?

To sweeten the deal, we will be giving away a free d20 machine to one lucky and eligible Mystery Machine customers. The lucky winners will be randomly picked and I will announce the winners at the end of the promo. You heard me, buy one of the Mystery Machines and you may end up with a two for one!

What do I have to do to be eligible for entry into the giveaway?

No one rides for free as they say. We are running this as a promotion, so I ask that you repost the promotion post image from my IG to your own IG page. Also, it would help out a ton if you could tag a couple of people who might be into it. You don’t need to blow up anyone’s spot, but we would greatly appreciate you helping to spread the word.

This post needs to be up on your page at the time of the drawing. We will look, so none of this sneaky “I posted it then took it down, but doesn’t that count?” business. Someone lost out last time on a free machine because they didn’t post it, or took the post down. Bummer.
Also, I would ask that you subscribe to my newsletter on the site. I hate spam and promise I won’t bother you other than to announce the new products I’m working on when they launch and any promos like this. Simply a good way for me to grow my newsletter.
When the promo is over, we will randomly pick the winner from the batch of Mystery Machine promo customers. If the winner has the post on their IG, they will get a free machine sent to them. If they don’t, they miss out and we will re-pick a winner.