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Policies and FAQ's



Do I need to be a professional to purchase a tattoo machine from Shagbuilt?

YES! My machines are for sale to PROFESSIONALS ONLY!! 

What is the normal wait time for a custom rotary machine?

We ask for two weeks from time of payment, but usually we are shipping them before that time.

If I am unable to create the custom machine I want online, how can I have it made?

I make many more styles that may not be showcased on this site. If you are looking for something you don’t see, please contact me.  

Can Shagbuilt rotary machines be used with cartridges?

Yes, they can, but cartridges will introduce more resistance that the motor has to overcome than a traditional needle and bar setup will. Not a problem, but understand that means possible less motor life and not as hard of a "hit" to the skin. If using cartridges exclusively, I suggest The One machine over the d20. The d20 WILL run them, but The One has more torque to overcome the added resistance.

 What size tubes do your machines fit?

All machines fit standard 5/16″ and 8mm tubes. 




What is your policy on rebuilding your machines?

Currently, due to all the craziness with supply chain issues and slight changes to the machines we have made over the years, we are only rebuilding machines 2 years past their original purchase date and newer. If under warranty, rebuild is free, shipping costs apply. At this time, due to the above reasons, we are not able to extend this service to second hand machines, sorry. Please contact for info on a rebuild. We are setting up a page currently for rebuilds that will make the process easier in the future.

What is the your warranty on the machines?

We warranty our machines from one year of purchase for manufacturer's defects. This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the machine and is not transferrable. We will need to inspect the machine and make sure it has not been tampered with or disassembled before we can warranty it out. Warranty will not cover accidental drops, water intrusion, ink intrusion, or premature motor life caused by high voltage use.




Who pays customs?

I am not responsible for import fees or duties, they are the responsibility of the customer. I cannot and will not ship as a gift, so please do not ask. If you want to import my machines into your country, you need to be prepared to pay duty on them. 

How much is the Duty from Customs going to cost?

Each country has different rates on different commodities, so it is impossible for us to know this information. Best suggestion is to contact your customs department and ask what the rates should be.

What shipping service do you use?

We ship UPS only, due to many problems in the past with the post office. If you are having the machine shipped to your residence, please be prepared to accept a signature required package. Piracy is a real thing now and this protects us both and makes sure your package arrives safely. Also, UPS will not ship to a PO Box.