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I started making rotaries in 2007 long before most of my competitors were even in business. Even though I caught a lot of hell at the time for making something that wasn’t a coil machine, I was using them myself and knew how great they worked. I knew that once most tattooers got to try one, they would see the value of adding these amazing tools to their toolbox. Over the years, I have worked hard to create machines with a soul to them, and I believe we have achieved a nice balance between form and function.


I make standard size and mini models. Liners are a bit more picky about their geometry, so please read the machines description to see if it will work well for what you are wanting it to do. Most of the liners I make can be setup to run a variety of groupings, but cutbacks do not necessarily make a great big needle machine. Long frame minis on the other hand will drive the big ones all day long. So if you have your heart set on a certain frame style, but aren’t sure if it will do what you want, please feel free to ask.


All of my shaders are built upon the same basic geometry. Many can be set up to run a variety of needle groupings and perform a specific task. So, for the most part, the frame style you choose is more of  an aesthetic choice, although a few of them will dictate what groupings they will work best for.

The frames are usually 3 piece, and are welded and/or brazed and feature hand wound coils and brass hardware. I also make 4 and 5 piece frames, such as Jonseys and my new Streamliners, but they will cost a bit more due to the extra fabrication time.


"A d20 in beast mode"

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