Posted on: December 5th, 2019 by Shagbuilt


You’ve seen the post or heard the news and are now reading this and can’t believe that we have THE ONE machine’s for $500, and d20’s and d10’s for $450??? That’s right, your eyes aren’t broken, we’re doing $50 off each rotary machine ordered in December. We know, it’s pretty awesome, but hey, we like to roll like that. It’s already December 5th you say? Well, apparently, we also roll fashionably late.

So what’s the deal with the promotion we’re running this month?

That’s a great deal, you say to yourself, and now you need to know more. Well, don’t worry baby bird, we’re going to feed you, and it’s pretty simple actually- We really appreciate your business, past and present, and we love that you keep choosing to support a tattooer run business. When you do so, it helps keep this thing ours and it’s much better when it’s ours.

Starting January 1st, we will be raising our prices on all of our machines.

This is the first time in over 10 years of rotary machine building that we’ve done that, but with all the costs of manufacturing rising so much, it’s time. We didn’t want to just make that announcement without saying thank you as well, so we thought we would say thanks for all of the support over the years by giving each and every one of you the chance to save $50 now off of the current price of any Shagbuilt rotary machine. That’s right, you’re awesome and you deserve it!

So you’re a first time customer??

Well, we hope you know you’re a lucky devil, and clearly have impeccable timing. Be sure to thank that friend who recommended you to us, because not only did they turn you on to a sweet running GAMECHANGER, they also just saved you some money. Maybe you should buy them a cool flannel or that beard wax they’ve been wanting, or maybe, you could return the favor and make sure they know about this deal too!

Some things to note:

Due to the likelihood that we just signed ourselves up for some super long work days this month, our normal lead time on machines will more than likely be affected. We make all machines to order, and this takes time and lots of love, so unfortunately, we can’t guarantee a Christmas due date. If you need it as a gift, let us know right away and we will try to work it out, but we also sell fancy gift certificates for those wanting to give one as a gift but who also suffer from being fashionably late.

You’re the best!!

Again, thank you so much for your support and help making Shagbuilt Machine Co. what it is today. We hope you all have a great Holidays and Happy New Year!

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